Nando’s Extension – Euston Pavilions

June, 24, 2022

At a Glance

Location: Euston Station, London

Clients: Spence

Type of Project: Building Extension

Scope of Services: Project Management and Lead Design, Structural surveys and assessments, Structural Engineering & Architecture, Civil Engineering, Temporary Works

Project Summary

VEDA’s design for extending the Nando’s restaurant at London’s Euston Station works around one of the vital ventilation shafts that release hot air from the city’s underground system. Network Rail’s (NR) shaft was just one of challenges the project presented to David Booth, Associate Director at VEDA, who oversaw the design process of the two new structures, measuring 5.5m by 5.5m and 8m by 4.5m respectively. The extension project will add 23 covers to the restaurant’s capacity and provide additional back of house accommodation for staff.