Structural Surveys & Assessments Network Rail Wessex RVI Study

June, 27, 2022

At a Glance

Location: Wessex

Clients: Network Rail

Type of Project: Structural Surveys & Assessments

Scope of Services: Civil Engineering

Project Summary

Travelling on the rail network in Wessex will be safer thanks to a number of highway improvements devised and approved by VEDA Associates on behalf of Network Rail.

Engaging 16 local authorities between London and Torquay, VEDA engineers came up with a range of mitigations to safeguard the track in the event of a road vehicle incursion (RVI).

VEDA engineers worked with local authority highway officials to identify locations that might be vulnerable to vehicles leaving the road. As part of the contract, VEDA carried out onsite assessments at locations with the highest scores in terms of potential risk.